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We provide a training course on questionnaire design.  Read more below.


Good questionnaire design is a very important part of the survey process as a badly designed questionnaire will result in a poor response rate and unusable information.  Bad questionnaire design means a lot of time and effort is wasted by both the researchers and the respondents without any useful result.  In this course you will learn how to avoid having a poorly designed questionnaire.   The course will educate participant’s about the steps required for good questionnaire design.  Topics covered will include different question types, asking sensitive questions, questionnaire design for different data collection modes and how to test the questionnaire prior to live fielding.

Course Content

The course will cover the theory and practice of questionnaire design.  The course will be a combination of lecture and hands on practice.  Topics covered include:

  • Review of research objectives
  • Consideration of potential respondents and questionnaire delivery method
  • Question wording, response formats, and question sequence
  • How to gather accurate answers to sensitive questions
  • The importance of question order
  • Design differences for self-completion surveys versus interview surveys
  • New data collection technologies and design
  • Design for easier analysis
  • Pre-testing and conducting a suitable pilot study
  • Questionnaire design to improve response rate

Target Audience?

The course is suitable to anyone new to questionnaire design or those who occasionally or regularly involved in the questionnaire design process and who would like to improve their skills.

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