Social Research

Social Research is the research of society and social issues. It is normally commissioned by public sector organisations and can cover a broad spectrum of issues of interest to managing and improving society. Social research is used to inform public sector decision making. The team at Life Consulting have a vast experience of conducting work in this field.

Examples of previous research conducted by the team members include:

The National Disability Authority – Survey of public attitudes towards people with disabilities
National Disability Authority logo
This was a comprehensive survey of public attitudes towards people with disabilities in the Republic of Ireland. The study was a nationally representative sample of the Irish adult population, interviews were face-to-face, interviewer completed surveys. The findings of the research covered a diverse range of topics on attitudes relating to disability, including knowledge of disability and general attitudes, education, employment, relationships, access to buildings and public facilities, level of comfort living near people with disabilities, State benefits and awareness of disability related organisations/legislation/initiatives.

Higher Education Authority – Eurostudent Survey IV
Higher Education Authority logo
Peter Ross managed the Eurostudent Survey IV on behalf of the Higher Education Authority. The Eurostudent survey is an extensive survey on the living and study conditions of students in higher education around Europe. This was a significant survey with over 14,000 responses obtained using an online survey method.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland – Consumer Attitude Survey on Consumers’ Awareness of Infant Formulae and Follow-on-Formulae
fsai logo
The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) is the national body with responsibility for the enforcement of food safety legislation in Ireland. Peter Ross conducted a consumer attitude survey of pregnant women and mothers. The aim of the survey was to determine consumer’s awareness of infant formulae and follow-on-formulae. Aspects examined included knowledge of the products, awareness of advertising across all media and messages delivered by advertising. A comprehensive report of findings was presented to the client with the results being used to inform policy decisions in this area.

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