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We can collect survey data cheaper, more rapidly and more accurately using mobile phones. Find out more

Why switch from paper or other methods?
We can collect survey data cheaper, more rapidly and more accurately using mobile phones. From simple feature phones to high-end smartphone handsets, mobile phones are changing the way surveys are distributed, captured and processed.

Easy to use
Regardless of the complexity of the form or survey, fieldworkers simply respond to each instruction one-by-one. We can handle skip logic, validation, synchronisation and even complex repeat rules automatically in the background.

Capture data without network coverage
We can operate in limited connectivity conditions. Network connectivity is needed to receive survey and form templates and upload captured responses, but fieldworkers can capture data even in the most remote areas. Completed responses are stored on the handset and uploaded automatically when data connectivity becomes available.

Life Consulting are providers of data analysis, market and social research services. We are experts in conducting both large scale nationally representative research projects and smaller localised projects for both state funded and privately owned organisations using both quantitative and qualitative techniques. We offer best value for money, using the latest research techniques and technology to deliver superior insight to our clientsRead More

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