Nov 17

Data Visualisations using Tableau

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This series of visualisations I created using Tableau software tracks the history of the International Rules Series played between Ireland’s Gaelic Footballers and Australia’s Australian Rules Football players. These two sports are the most popular sports in their respective countries.  This coming Saturday the two nations face off against each other for the 19th test series having first played each other in 1984.

This is a unique series bringing together two different but similar sports with a modified set of rules comprising elements of the two indigenous codes.  I’ve played Gaelic Football for County Longford and Aussie Rules of Ireland so the International Rules series is of particular interest to me.  These visualisations are interactive so clicking on the graphs and maps changes the data viewed, go have a play yourself. It your a fan of GAA, AFL, sport or data I hope you’ll enjoy these visualisations.



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