May 31

Stress and Exams

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With second level exams fast approaching, students may be experiencing increased stress levels at the moment.  Stress can have many symptoms including difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping properly, increased headaches and increased likelihood of illness due to a weakened immune system.  None of which is good for a student that needs to be in the best of health to perform well at exam time.

Recently published research carried out by Life Consulting’s Peter Ross for the Higher Education Authority Eurostudent Survey indicates higher education students in Ireland experience considerable stress during their college life.  In fact 28% of students said that quite often or most of the time had difficulty concentrating, 26% quite often or most of the time having difficulty sleeping and 19% quite often or most of the time suffered with headaches.

Dr Tammy Verlaan from Dublin based stress experts Life and Balance Centre says what may be distressing for one person may be a joyous occasion for another. The stress response is designed for short duration fight or flight protection responses. Of course there are different levels of stress, but when it comes to the common low grade daily stressors we all face, if we all respond so differently, then stress is not the problem, rather it is how we respond to stress that is the problem.  We cannot eliminate stress; in fact we need stress. What we can do is change how we respond to stress and the world looks different.

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