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  1. Data Visualisations using Tableau posted November 17, 2015

    This series of visualisations I created using Tableau software tracks the history of the International Rules Series played between Ireland’s Gaelic Footballers and Australia’s Australian […]

  2. European Month of the Brain, are you using yours? posted May 9, 2013

    May is European Month of the Brain. This initiative is about increasing awareness of the importance of brain research and healthcare matters. This month there […]

  3. Workplace Absenteeism in Ireland posted April 24, 2013

    I attended an event in Dublin today called Fit for Work Ireland.  This is an EU wide initiative focussed on keeping the Irish labour force […]

  4. Infographics, making reporting sexy posted July 5, 2012

    With ever increasing amounts of data being collected by researchers and ever reducing amounts of time for the client to interpret and make decisions on […]

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